Best "lines" game EVER! Now with helper tools and player challenges. Absolutely free. You can even turn off ads. Give it a try!

Great storm has blown small fuzzballs far from home. Use your quick thinking and help them back to their families.

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Soon available on Windows and Blackberry

  • main menu
  • game board
  • helper tools
  • puzzle fun
  • “ I'm so hooked. I can play Fuzzlines for hours. ”
  • “ I think this game is really fun and I bet you would like it too. ”
  • “ Nice app and I like the twist with helper tools. Brings in new level of strategy. ”
  • “ It's a good brain and eye exercise! ”
  • “ Fun and challenging game. Five stars from me. ”


Your task is to help home small fuzzballs who have been scattered from their families by great storm. You have magic platform. If you get five same colored fuzzballs to line up then platform send them home. More fuzzballs are coming, try to keep up!



When plaftorm gets full you can use magic paintbrush and paintbomb tools. With these you paint fuzzballs with any color. You should learn how to use tools as they are great help, but plan carefully, tools are limited.



After good game you can challenge other players to beat your score. In challenge game fuzzballs appear exactly in same colors and placese as in original. See how your friends do with same game. Of course you can try it again yourself.